Managing Millennials

This is a highly interactive two-session workshop series I developed and co-facilitate with HR consultant and coach Jenny Banner.¬†We’re bringing this content to organizations and manager groups who are struggling to recruit, retain, and grow their young talent.

After working with millennial clients for several years, I realized I could be helpful to the companies that were frustrating them (and frustrated by them!). From my clients I know that managers are challenged by the changing nature of work and wonder how to manage these new workers who seem to have different values and loyalties.

Using our 15+ years of real world experience with millennial clients, professional coaching, and HR expertise, the workshops we deliver are a mix of education, storytelling, collaboration, and action planning. Our participants leave motivated to help their companies recruit and retain millennial talent.

Session* Overviews

Understanding Millennial Talent: Module 1

  • 2-hour workshop
  • Understanding your emotional impact
  • Exploring generational differences and similarities
  • Focusing on the millennial mindset and how it drives workplace behavior
  • Discovering a values exercise
  • Creating action-plans

Leveraging Millennial Talent: Module 2

  • 2-hour workshop
  • Sharing outcomes of the values exercise
  • Examining your own perspective
  • Exploring core leadership principles
  • Learning key millennial motivators
  • Practicing feedback conversations
  • Planning for future success

* Sessions are co-facilitated, and may be paired with follow-up accountability coaching for managers or millennials.

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Managing Millennials